Grow LED Panel Release: FLUXshield Pro 150 Watt

Just in time for the cold season, when gardening has to be moved indoors, Crescience releases a new LED product, the FLUXshield. The large-area board, which does not require an additional heat sink, is particularly beginner-friendly and can be wired easily.

Beginner-friendly LED board with the best Samsung chips

Many indoor gardeners shy away from building LED plant lighting themselves. No wonder considering the many options. This leaves nothing to be desired, but can sometimes be unsettling: different LED Driversframe constructions and Circuit diagrams often leave beginners in the dark as to how to get the finished lamp. Mostly they prefer to use ready-made Grow LED panels.

Because many growers still want to use the latest and most efficient LED chips from Samsung (which is often not guaranteed by Amazon & Co. for finished lamps from the Far East) Crescience has now introduced the FLUXshield. Here are the Samsung LM301H (horticulture version of the popular LM301B) as selected LED chips (SL-Bin).

The FLUXshield is very beginner-friendly in that the basic version comes with a 150 watt LED driver and no complex frame. Here, an LED module is connected to a driver, thus reducing possible sources of error. Thus the cabling and mounting of the Mean Well XLG-150-H-AB the only task until the LED can be put into operation. Even if it seems very simple, electrical installations should be carried out by a qualified electrician for safety reasons.

Popular LED board design with passive cooling

The FLUXshield follows a well-known principle that has been very popular in the DIY Grow LED scene for some time. Thereby many of the mid-power LEDs are distributed over a large area circuit board. The efficient chips and the large surface area ensure that the heat exchange of the board with the air is already sufficient to provide satisfactory cooling.

The following setups are recommended for the most common surfaces:

  • 60 x 60 cm: 1 board (approx. 800 µmol/m²)
  • 80 x 80 cm: 2 boards (approx. 1000 µmol/m²)
  • 120 x 60 cm 2 boards (approx. 900 µmol/m²)
  • 100 x 100 cm: 2 boards (approx. 650 µmol/m²), for higher PPFD possibly 3rd board or additional lighting with other modules
  • 120 x 120 cm: 4 boards (approx. 950 µmol/m²)
  • 150 x 150 cm: 6 boards (approx. 950 µmol/m²)

Design optimizations

FLUXshield Grow LED Panel with 3 mm thickness

Grow LED Panel with cooling slits

The distinctive look of the FLUXshield Grow LED panel comes from a functional detail: The FLUXshield is pervaded by cooling slots. With conventional boards, part of the radiated heat accumulates under the LED panel. The FLUXshield uses simple physics: The rising warm air (Chimney effect) will through the board, thus providing additional circulation and cooling.

Strong board

Mostly such LED boards rely on cheap standard PCBs with 1.6 - 2.0 mm thickness. Such a design is quite flexible - but rather in the sense of "bendable". Since the PCB is the heart of such a plant lamp, the FLUXshield uses a 3 mm thick board. This protects the LED chips from mechanical stress and increases the heat transport over the surface.

Grow LED Panel Release: FLUXshield Pro 150 Watt 1

Optimized arrangement of the LM301H LEDs

A weak point of all LED boards or COBs is that high light intensity is generated under the luminaire, which decreases towards the outside. The underlying problem is the limited surface area that an LED panel has. In addition, if the LEDs are evenly distributed, there is a strong "focal point" that focuses on the center under the board. To counteract this effect, the LEDs on the FLUXshield are distributed differently: The LED density decreases towards the center. This has another advantage for the cooling: The heating of the board is more even.

FLUXshields availability at Crescience and LXCustoms

The new FLUXshields have been developed and manufactured in cooperation with the Grow-LED specialist LXCustoms. Two versions have been developed:

  • Classical full spectrum 3500K: the FLUXshield Pro is suitable for all phases
  • Grow LED Panel with flower spectrum - 3500K and additional 660 nm: on the FLUXshield Pro Red

While Crescience offers modules and simple kits in the shop, LXCustoms also offers ready mounted lamps like this 300 W - Monster:

300W FLUXshield Red

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Together we are building a powerful community around the most exciting controlled environment growing technologies. Join us now, it´s free!

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