LM301H Evo - new Horticulture LEDs

With its new LM301H Evo Samsung continues what it has started with LM301B and LM301H mid-power LEDs which are the dominating in the market for high efficiency grow lights. Now a new chapter follows with the LM301H Evo, which allows us to develop some great new solutions for grow lighting.

Samsung LM301 Mid Power LEDs

What is LM301H Evo about? In various articles we have already described the popular Samsung LM301 LED chips and discussed the variants LM301B and LM301H which are interesting for horticultural applications. Their popularity is mainly due to the exceptionally high efficiency of up to 3.1 µmol/J or 220 lm/W. This is also the only difference between LM301H and LM301B: the "H" type exhibits the important PPF values while the "B" type is specified with lumens that are only relevant for the human eye. Basically, however, this LED has been developed for general lighting, which is why the spectrum is optimised for a pleasant colour impression on humans.

LM301H Evo - (R)Evolution for Horticulture LEDs

Samsung has announced further development of the LM301 series in early 2021 which now on the market as LM301H Evo . A LM301B Evo type with a classic spectrum phosphor blend and increased efficiency is also on Samsung's Agenda. 

This time, however, the two types differ not only in their designation and marketing material:

435 nm chip in the LM301H Evo

With the LM301H Evo, a small revolution in plant lighting awaits us, because for the first time a composition of LED chip and phosphor has been developed especially for plant lighting. At its core is a short-wave 435 nm LED, which is used as a "photon pump" instead of the usual 450 nm.

Currently, five different spectra are offered:

  • Classic colour temperatures: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6500K
  • Special phosphor blend: Mint White
435 nm pump

LM301H Evo Mint White

Ultimately, the latter is indeed revolutionary because it focuses on the blue and green-yellow range with a reduced red component. This takes into account the fact that for the red spectrum there are clearly more efficient alternatives. Modern 660 nm LEDs achieve over 4 µmol/J, as they run without a phosphor conversion and associated losses.

FLUXstrip Enhanced with LM301H Evo and LM301B

LM301H Evo - new Horticulture LEDs 1

We decided to take this approach and combine the best of both worlds. In concrete terms, this means that we use both the classic 3500K spectrum of the LM301B/H and a certain proportion of the new LM301H Evo Mint White on our new FLUXstrip Enhanced. This allows the classic blue peak to be "smoothed" into a plateau. Thus it allows the plants a more even utilisation of the photosystem the range 420-470 nm. And then we just more than compensate for the lower red component of the "Mint White" by using some highly efficient Oslon Square 660 nm LEDs.

FLUXstrip Enahnced Spectral Power Distribution SPD
FLUXstrip Enhanced SPD

In the end, these three LED components contribute to a amazing efficiency of 3.3 µmol/J at a rated current of 1000 mA. For particularly energy-saving applications, over 3.5 µmol/J at 350 mA can be achieved. The absolute maximum current at which the FLUXstrip Enhanced should be operated is 2000 mA (~47 Watt).

Pre-order FLUXstrip Enhanced with LM301H Evo

The new FLUXstrip Enhanced with the newly composed spectrum will be available from 15 December. Those who want to secure the LED strips at a particularly attractive price can pre-order them from us now.

Applications for FLUXstrip Enhanced

With its high efficiency and balanced spectrum, FLUXstrip Enhanced is ideal for the entire growing cycle from cultivation to the flowering and fruiting phase. In particular, vertical farms or horticultural applications with a short distance to the lamp can be optimally equipped with FLUXstrip Enhanced with the typical power density of 25W per strip.

The product will also be available in various kits in the near future. In the meantime contact us for an individual solution.

More info about the LM301H Evo

As with the LM301B and LM301H, Samsung emphasises the advantages of the flip chip design, which ultimately serves to improve light output and heat dissipation. It also increases the resistance of the LED package, as no fragile gold wire (bonding wire) is used here, which is exposed to mechanical and chemical influences.

Flip Chip LED Design

Samsung also goes into more detail about the protection against hydrogen sulphide, which is achieved by a titanium oxide reflector inside the package. This corrosive gas cannot penetrate the coating and therefore hardly attacks the anode and cathode.

Anti Sulfurisation LM301 LED

It might be worthwhile to check back here from time to time, as we might update the text with interesting new findings.

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  1. I have been studying horticulture LED wavelength science for over 15 years and would like to discuss certain LED diode configurations using the new LM301H EVO chips. I have designed mant wavelength combinations over the years and this new chip with the 437nm blue pump is a total game changer. Please get back to me. I would like to work together and share my knowledge to create possibly the best horticulture light on the market to date.

  2. Ciao mi sei riuscito a progettare la migliore lampada da orticultura, sto studiando anche io per la creazione della mia e se mi dai informazioni sarebbe fantastico.

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