CresControl Grow Controller

control light regulate climate Automate irrigation and much more!

CresControl 1

CresControl is the first universal indoor gardening and grow controller that does it all.

With its open hardware interfaces, LED lamps, EC fans, motors and pumps can be controlled - completely independent of the manufacturer, if a corresponding control input is available. In addition, the ecosystem is completed by the sensAct extensions to cover all requirements of indoor horticulture.

Maximum control - highest precision - best results

Indoor cultivation is all about maximum efficiency and maximum control. After all, the additional energy and logistical expenditure compared to outdoor cultivation must be reflected in a higher-quality end product.
When all environmental conditions are kept in the optimal range with precision, growing a premium product is possible. That's what we created CresControl for. For extraordinary yields, the most intense flavours and perfect active ingredient profiles. It also turns the grow room into an IoT device, which was high time anyway!

god mode for gardeners.

CresControl 2
CresControl with controllable devices. Many applications are already made possible by the 24V/12V outputs, larger consumers can be controlled via relays or 0-10V / PWM.
Control CresControl with Crescience Hub

With a Crescience Hub account, you can access your ecosystems and take care of your plants from anywhere in the world. For optimal security, connections through our servers are SSL encrypted. If you prefer not to use this feature, the unit will soon offer the option to connect directly to the CresControl Access Point.

Always and everywhere. Secure access via Crescience Hub.

Now simply connect LEDs, fans, air conditioning and CO2 units to Crescience Hub and control them from any terminal!
Webapp for all devices at available.

Ultimate spectrum control

Always exactly the right light recipe for the optimal development of your plants.
Plus all the automation options for the Grow Room.


CresControl 3

LED control

  • Up to 6 channels for LED control of any manufacturer (0-10V or PWM must be available)
  • Time switch
  • Time sequences (e.g. sunrise and sunset, individual sequences configurable per channel)
  • Spectrum setting
  • Module configuration with calculation of power and spectrum
CresControl 4

Climate & CO2

With the extensions sensAct Climate and sensAct CO2 PID controllers for temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration can be set up.

To carry out the control, it is sufficient to connect the appropriate hardware, e.g. EC fans, air humidifiers and dehumidifiers or a CO2 bottle. 

CresControl 5

Automation & Control

Many other factors for automation can be implemented directly with CresControl.

The outputs for connecting 12V and 24V devices are for connecting pumps, ultrasonic atomisers, solenoid valves or relays, for example, to set up irrigation solutions.


CresControl 6

The practical terminal strip enables compatibility with all lamps and fans that have a 0-10V or PWM control input. Small consumers with 24V or 12V can be connected directly. The CresControl can also process analogue input signals.

Technical specifications

Indoor Grow Controller with Wifi and App control, universally applicable for many applications.

Eigenschaft Wert
Crescience Hub, API, Button, Status LED
Wifi b/g/n, 433 MHz radio
Power supply
24V / max. 5A - Hollow plug (5.5 x 2.1 mm)
Plug-in connections
5x sensAct Device Port, 4-Pin Fan Port
2x analogue in
6x analogue out (2x PWM capable), 2x 24V power supply, 12V power supply
100 x 65 x 17.5 mm, 98 g (without power supply unit)
CresControl 7
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