Fluxshield 1

The new FLUXshields are here.

FLUXshield Silver.

Recommended input power
0 Watts
Module efficiency @ 60 W
0 µmol/J
Fluxshield 2

Horticulture LED Board.

Ideal for compact areas as a single module. Multiple slots prevent heat build-up under the board and contribute to the unique design. Highest quality components from Samsung and Osram become affordable for small budgets with the FLUXshield Silver!

Savings miracle with Red Boost.

FLUXshield Silver Photon Spectrum Graphic

3500K + 660 nm

Thanks to the full spectrum part with neutral 3500K, the module can be used for all growing stages. The dedicated 660nm LEDs help to increase efficiency and build lush flowers and fruits.

Uncompromising. Huge.

FLUXshield Gold.

Outstanding LED module for improved flowering and fruiting yields. Here we have consistently implemented the iconic design of the FLUXshield series in one of the largest grow LED boards in the world. Almost 500 LEDs ensure the highest performance and the materials used underline the premium claim of the FLUXshield Gold.

Recommended input power
0 Watts
Page length
0 mm
Module efficiency @ 150 W
0 µmol/J

Full spectrum with Far Red Boost.

FLUXshield Gold Photon Spectrum Graphic

4000K + 660 nm + 730 nm

When the days become shorter, more red light falls. This signals to the plants: autumn is approaching, blossoms and fruits must ripen. This module enhances flowering with the far and deep red LEDs and improves photosynthesis performance with the "Emerson effect".

Optimized LED arrangement
The LEDs on the FLUXshields are arranged in such a way that the luminance increases at the edges. This avoids the formation of hotspots and provides ideal illumination.
Thermodynamically optimized
The intelligent design prevents heat build-up under the board with slots and creates a chimney effect that cools the FLUXshield better than comparable LED panels.
Design philosophy
Form follows function. But with aesthetics, please! We have designed the FLUXshield with extra attention to detail to highlight the exceptional performance of the Horticulture LED Board.
Simple wiring
FLUXshields can be connected directly to the intended Mean Well power supplies. Additionally a strain relief for the cable is prepared in the board.
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PAR measurements

FLUXshield Gold 240 W, 80 x 80 cm

200 mm distance
300 mm distance
400 mm distance

FLUXshield Silver 100 W, 60 x 60 cm

200 mm distance
300 mm distance
400 mm distance

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