Pure efficiency.
Unique aesthetics.

The FLUXengine Evo is our popular full spectrum LED module of the latest generation. Of course, Samsung's most efficient LM301H LED chips are used.

With its modularity, high-quality materials and unique aesthetics, this LED board takes plant lighting to a new level.

FLUXengine 1
FLUXengine 2
Samsung LM301H
0 LEDs
maximum PPF
0 µmol
typ. Module PPE (25 W)
0 µmol/J
FLUXengine Evo LED with LM301H

Three spectra for indoor plants

3500K Full Spectrum – Full Cycle Growing with Amazing Yields.

FLUXengine 3

3500 Kelvin Colour Temperature

3500K is also known as neutral white. The advantage of this light colour is that it is usable for plants during the entire cultivation cycle. Thus, this spectrum is best suited for cultivation, growth as well as flowering and fruiting phase.

Full spectrum with 5000K - for compact growth and tasty herbs

FLUXengine 4

5000 Kelvin colour temperature

On a bright day under the sun, the light colour 5000K is measured. No wonder the plants like it. The increased blue content ensures bushy growth and increases the proportion of secondary plant substances.

Full spectrum One - lush biomass

FLUXengine 5

Special spectrum "One

The greenish light of the "One" spectrum causes powerful expansion of the leaves and stems. The far-red component was raised slightly and the blue component lowered to achieve these effects.

LED plant lamps as kit and as DIY electronics bundle

You can now easily construct an individual plant lamp with just a few tools. Our FLUXengine kits offer the best price-performance ratio on the market!

Complete kits

FLUXengine Kits can efficiently light all common grow spaces. These Kits are designed as care-free package, requiring only an allen key and a wire cutter. The built is done in 30 – 90 minutes, depending on size.

Electronics Bundle for DIY LED

FLUXengines with driver and everything needed for connection, but no aluminium profiles and angles. Convenient for those who want to build their own frame or perhaps a convenient source for aluminium profiles.

Infinite Possibilities with FLUXengine LED Modules

The FLUXengine is optimised for mounting on grooved profiles. This opens up infinite combination possibilities. In addition, the issue of heat dissipation has already been settled. Why not just think modular?

There are no limits to creativity - now really everyone can realise the lamp of their dreams. And all this from a solid construction, completely passively cooled thanks to the good heat conduction of the aluminium profiles. You have an idea for a design, but don't know how to implement it? Write us, call us or visit us. We are happy to help!


360° interlighting

Increase intra-canopy photosynthesis. Four FLUXengiens combined as interlighting bar offering a 360° beam angle that until now has only been possible with HID lighting


Clustered Power

If a lot of power or maximum efficiency is required, the modules can be bundled on wider aluminium profiles.

FLUXengine 7


Especially suitable for covering large areas - several modules lengthwise on one profile.

Configure the perfect setup for your needs with our Crescience Grow LED Wizard! Whether it's a small herb garden or an indoor plantation - our LED modules can be combined and adjusted for any application.

We have everything to grow happy plants.

Our Custom Series product range covers everything from thought-through DIY kit to single modules. Perfect full spectrum light with FLUXengine and defined spectrum peaks with APEXengine. You choose!

Samsung LM301H and OSRAM Square Boards

We Support You Planning and Building Your LED Fixture

Grow lighting is a complex subject! How much light do I need for my area? Which spectrum is good for my plants? We will be happy to clarify these and other individual questions personally. We advise you seriously and without obligation.

Reading Material

If you prefer to read through everything in peace and quiet, take a look at our plant lighting information portal! We have extracted the essence from various renowned sources - and prepared it in an easily digestible way. Bon appetite 🙂

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