Crescience Grow LED Wizard

LED Grow Light Configurator

Features of the LED Grow Calculator

With our handy tool you can easily configure plant lighting for all areas and applications. The calculator takes into account the light spectrum and PPFD based on area and individual efficiency losses.

You can buy plant lamps based on our highly efficient LED modules in the Crescience Grow LED Wizard not only simulate, but also select the appropriate drivers (beta) and put them directly into the shopping cart.

Click for click to individual plant lighting

Boundary conditions
For the Grow LED Simulation
  1. Determine acreage
    The larger the area, the more power is required
  2. Cultivation cycle/PPFD
    Different plants, different needs. The PPFD may need to be adapted to the cultivar - the scale is based on the PPFD recommendations for very light-loving short-day plants.
  3. Operating mode
    Determines with which load the modules are precharged in the configurator. The power supply of the individual modules can be precisely adjusted later.
  4. Ambient losses
    Losses occur due to reflection from walls and other objects. These typically vary between 10% and 20% depending on the mounting environment.
Add products
Select LED modules and drivers
  1. Add module(s)
    You can choose freely from the entire range! With different modules you can build spectra that are tailored exactly to the needs of your plants.
  2. Adjusting the setup - the adjusting screws
    A bar is displayed above the spectrum. To achieve the desired PPFD, this bar must be filled!
    There are two levers that will help you to achieve the goal: First, the number of modules. This is usually always the better way. Secondly, the power supply of the modules. This will make the LEDs work harder, so cost-saving setups are possible. Note, however, that the efficiency and lifetime of the diodes will suffer. In any case, sufficient cooling must be ensured.
  3. The drivers (beta)
    Now you can select a suitable driver. The wizard will suggest the best options based on a set of criteria. This feature is still under development. If in doubt, please contact customer service, who will be happy to review your selection.
  4. Instructions & go to shopping cart
    Done! Now just download the schematic and add the item to your shopping cart.


The Crescience Grow LED Wizard is designed for quick evaluation of plant lighting concepts. The tool is based on simplifying assumptions. The calculation results do not replace technical planning in any case. No liability is assumed for the correctness of the results. If you have any questions about the validity of the results, please feel free to use the contact options provided. Actual measured values and specifications may deviate and must be checked in practice if necessary or enquired from the respective manufacturer. Errors, system errors and changes are reserved.

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