First look - Setting the spectrum of plant lamps with CresControl and Crescience Hub

Control of the light spectrum is increasingly becoming a trend topic for plant lamps. But who wants to operate umpteen rotary knobs and timers? We would like to offer you a more comfortable solution.

APEXengine for optimized spectrum

We are steadily approaching the first intermediate goal: LED plant lamps with adjustable spectrum. Since a good month we offer our APEXengine Spectrum Boosters (which are unfortunately already mostly sold out!).

Dim and control individual LED channels

If you want to consistently implement an adjustable spectrum and manipulate different wavelengths depending on the plant's growth cycle, you have to intervene manually with the dimmers on a regular basis. And adjust timers, for example to set the 730 nm far-red LEDs as sleep light. Nowadays, the gardener has to experiment a lot to optimize the spectrum, because every species reacts differently to light spectra and two to five LED channels already make the number of possible (and testable) spectra approach infinity.

In extreme cases, an ambitious gardener will spend a lot of time with the dimmers and timers - perhaps even more than with the daily plant care. Even though the tactile feedback of these traditional buttons can be a great experience, this type of handling seems to be more and more out of time.

Lighting control with controller and app

It was clear to us from the beginning that we wanted to develop advanced control options for indoor gardens. The logical consequence: a controller is needed! To combine LED spectra and other useful tools for indoor gardens in one device, we developed CresControl. An IoT-capable controller with all kinds of small and big helpers in everyday gardening. There will be a lot more to report about this in autumn - but now first to Light & Spectrum: six channels (0-10V or PWM) can be controlled to display highly specialized spectra or to set up different light zones. Sunrise and sunset presets are available as well as an interface for those who like to experiment or program.

Lighting control for plant lamps will in future be made possible via our app - Crescience Hub.

We don't want to withhold a small preview of the early Alpha User Interface:


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