The Wingcommander

The Wingcommander is a highly efficient and economical full spectrum lighting for large growing areas. With the configurable side length, the frame is suitable for different room geometries with side lengths from 110 to 160 cm.

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The Wingcommander

For photon dominance on large surfaces, it is worth installing the Wingcommander. With a brute 300 watts, this reference setup can provide a good square metre of bloom lighting. Thanks to the simple but well thought-out design, we can offer this highly efficient lamp at an attractive price.
For cultivation areas over 130 cm side length, the XT version can achieve even better illumination. For this purpose, side profiles with a length of 120 cm are used.

Key data

  • 315 Watt power consumption (dimmable 0-100%)
  • PPF: 920 µmol/s
  • PPE: 2.85 µmol/y (system); 3.0 µmol/y (module)
  • Dimensions: 1000 x 320 x 65 mm (option: 1200 x 320 x 65 mm)
  • Spectrum 3500K + 660 nm

Scope of delivery

  • 3 x FLUXshield Silver
  • 1 x potentiometer in housing
  • Schuko lead & cable connector
  • Solid single wire (red, black, white) for connecting the modules
  • Wago terminals with case
  • 2 x aluminium profile 1000 x 20 x 20 mm (Option: 1200 x 20 x 20 mm)
  • 2 x aluminium profile 280 x 20 x 20 mm
  • Brackets, screws and sliding blocks to mount everything
  • Suspension eyelets
  • CSC Cable Clips
  • 4 pieces Rope Ratchet Hanger


FLUXshield Silver Datasheet

PAR map 120×60 cm

The Wingcommander 300W Kit, 40 cm distance
Average PPFD 987 µmol/m²/s

The Wingcommander 4

Further measurement data in the Crescience PAR database.




Dimensions 100 × 36,5 × 10 cm

Power consumption

320 W

LED module Type

Linear / Strip, Shield

Footprint (flower/fruit)

120 x 60 cm, 150 x 75 cm


96 cm, 120 cm


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