FLUXshield Silver - cSpec Enhanced

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The FLUXshield Silver offers a cost-effective entry into plant lighting with uncompromisingly high quality and outstanding efficiency. The cSpec Enhanced variant is characterised by its balanced full spectrum, with particular emphasis on the photosynthetically active wavelength ranges 430-460 nm and 660 nm. This module is suitable for areas of 60 x 60 cm, operating at 100W. With the iconic design, we offer a truly unique solution for ambitious indoor gardeners!

FLUXshield Silver cSpec Enhanced
Grow LED Board

  • 192 piece SAMSUNG LM301H resp. LM301H Evo LEDs
  • 6 pieces Osram Oslon Square GH CSSRM5.24
  • plugable connector (WAGO 2060)
  • 2 mm thick aluminium circuit board
  • Efficiency above 3 µmol/J
  • typ. 100 watt
  • maximum 2.4 A
  • 320 x 320 x 7.5 mm (L x W x H)
  • recommended for use with constant current sources (LED Drivers)


FLUXshield Silver cSpec Enhanced Spectrum
FLUXshield Silver cSpec Enhanced Photon spectrum (SQD)

FLUXshield as an all-in-one solution for plant lamps

FLUXshields are highly efficient LED boards for horticulture applications. Here, only a few steps are required to put the plant lamp into operation - time-consuming wiring of several modules is not necessary.
The most efficient LED chips from Samsung and Osram are used. These high-quality components in combination with the effective cooling via the surface of the board, as well as the convection slots, achieve a long service life.

FLUXshield Silver

The FLUXshield Silver is an economical solution for small cultivation areas. Multiple shields can be combined to efficiently provide PAR to larger areas. In addition to the full-spectrum, selected Samsung LEDs (LM301H and LM301H Evo), the highly efficient Osram Square 5th generation (4.3 µmol/J) are installed to provide a yield-increasing red boost. In typical operation at 100W, an area of 60 x 60 cm (short day) can be illuminated.

LED Driver for FLUXshield Silver

This module is designed for operation with an XLG-100-H-AB LED driver. Multiple modules can be operated with up to 2.4A constant current each.
For further possible setups and driver recommendations please refer to the Customer service and the Grow LED Wizard available.

FLUXshield Silver Datasheet

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