FLUXshield Habibi

Small but mighty - The popular Habibi board joins the FLUXshield family!
The dimmable LED is perfect for a larger plant, a small growing area or for overwintering.

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FLUXshield Habibi - Plant lamp for propagation and small gardens!

With over 140 µmol/s at 50W, the FLUXshield Habibi provides exactly the right amount of light for a plant in compact living conditions. The efficient LED board also cuts a fine figure in open spaces for growing or overwintering ornamental plants.
There are two variants, which differ in terms of the light spectrum. For purely vegetative growth, we recommend the option cSpec Foundation with ~140 µmol/s. If the LED board is used for the entire cycle, the variant cSpec Enhanced with red boost the right choice. Here, over 150 µmol/s are released at 55W power consumption, making the FLUXshield Habibi one of the most efficient luminaires in this power class.

FLUXshield Habibi light recipe

The FLUXshield Habibi is available in two cSpec spectra.

Spectrum of the FLUXengine Evo cSpec Foundation
cSpec Foundation primarily for the growth phase, here LED types with 435nm and 450nm work together to create an optimum full spectrum for vegetative growth.
cSpec Enhanced Spectrum
cSpec Enhanced for the entire cycle - a highly efficient composition with a broad blue peak for improved absorption and a strong deep red as a yield boost.







The LEDs

A finely tuned mix of Seoul Semiconductor 3030E, Samsung LM301H Evo and Osram Oslon Square Gen 5 is used here. We ensure that only components with the best sorting ("bin") are used. The characteristic double maximum in the blue range is achieved with the Samsung type, which is based on a 435nm LED chip.

The design

Simple and functional. The LEDs have been arranged for optimum light distribution so that homogeneous illumination is achieved even at close distances. The iconic slots on the board contribute to effective cooling - preventing heat build-up, especially under the board. Thanks to the reflectors, the luminaire diffuses less light in open spaces, which benefits people and plants.


Simulated PPFD on 40×40 cm (FLUXshield Habibi 150 cSpec Enhanced)

FLUXshield Habibi 4


FLUXshield Habibi 140 (cSpec Foundation) data sheet

FLUXshield Habibi 150 (cSpec Enhanced) data sheet

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