FLUXshield 300

Our most popular Grow LED for all those who want to garden indoors in an uncomplicated and efficient way. Now as a plug-in luminaire!

  • optimised full spectrum - cSpec Enhanced for the entire cultivation cycle
  • over 300 µmol/s
  • highly efficient (2.85 µmol/J)
  • 110W power consumption, dimmable from 0-100%
  • Algorithmic LED arrangement for homogeneous illumination
  • Slots for optimised cooling and avoidance of heat accumulation
  • Splash-proof with acrylic coating

Ready-to-plug plant lamp, Made in Germany.

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FLUXshield 300 - Grow LED for 60 x 60 cm

The FLUXshield 300 is the new reference for 60×60 cm cultivation areas.

The LEDs

We have packed the best LED hardware from Samsung and Osram onto an aluminium board. Reduced to the minimum. The focus here is on high efficiency with the best price-performance ratio, without frills. The result is impressive - excellent PPFD values with a power consumption of just over 100W.

The spectrum

FLUXshield Silver cSpec Enhanced Spectrum
cSpec Enhanced - optimised full spectrum

cSpec Enhanced is universally applicable for almost all plant species, as well as from cultivation to flowering and fruiting phase. The new Samsung LM301H Evo enable the broadened peak in the blue spectrum. We focus on the best possible balance with the Osram 660 nm LEDs to achieve the ideal ratio of 15% blue, 39% green 44% red and 2% far red. This enables compact growth and maximum yields on small areas.



The design

Simple and functional. The light-emitting diodes have been arranged for optimal light distribution, so that homogeneous illumination is achieved even at close distances. The iconic slots on the FLUXshield contribute to effective cooling - especially under the board, this prevents heat build-up. At room temperature, the FLUXshield 300 reaches a maximum of 45°C at full load.


PPFD measurement on 60 x 60 cm

Recommended distance 25 cm, average PPFD 727 µmol/m², usable PPE 2.42 µmol/J (white walls)

FLUXshield 300 5

FLUXshield 300 Datasheet


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