Crescience Cased Potentiometer

A potentiometer is a simple component that has established itself as an inexpensive solution for dimming LED drivers. Our potentiometer sits in a practical housing that can be easily mounted on the aluminum profiles. A spring clamp is integrated in the housing, with which you can directly connect B- or AB-type drivers.

All potentiometers are currently supplied with a black rotary knob.


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Potentiometer as LED dimmer

With a potentiometer you can LED Drivers dimming, the one suitable for it Control input have. These are for example all Mean Well drivers which are marked with -B or -AB at the end of the product name. For such power supplies a potentiometer is suitable as LED dimmer.

The Potentiometer is a variable resistor that can be connected to the signal line of these drivers to act as a dimmer. For one LED driver you need 100 kOhm variable resistor. In principle, several LED drivers can also be dimmed synchronously. With several drivers, however, the resistor should be selected accordingly:

Which potentiometer for several drivers

  • 1 driver: 100 kOhm
  • 2 drivers: 50 kOhm
  • 3 drivers: 33 kOhm
  • 4 drivers: 25 kOhm
  • 5 drivers: 20 kOhm
  • etc... the formula is 100kOhm / n [number of drivers]

Currently 100 kOhm and 50 kOhm potentiometers are available. Other resistance values can be provided on request.

If you want to dim a lot of drivers simultaneously, ideally a 0-10 V controller should be used, as it is installed in the CresControl. This has, in addition to the obvious advantages through the app control, no restrictions due to resistance tolerances. Potis used as LED dimmers for a large number of drivers may cause small delays between the individual devices.

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