300W FLUXshield Red

Crescience PPFD Database

Crescience PAR database We put our LED products through their paces under real conditions. The measurements take place in a closed test environment. In contrast to

Heat sink Test Grow LED

Thermal Management for LEDs

Thermal management for LEDs Although LEDs are significantly more efficient than all other lighting technologies, they still produce power loss that is noticeable in the form of waste heat. Thermal management

Mean Well HLG-480H 480 W LED power supply

LED Drivers

The power supply for LEDs - everything about LED drivers LED modules can only light up if you provide them with the necessary power. This also applies to

PPFD measurement of plant lamps

FLUXengine LED Calculator

FLUXengine Horticulture LED calculator The FLUXengine Horticulture LED calculator is a tool to help you plan your individual plant lighting. Currently Indoor

Tutorials 12

Plant lighting in numbers

Light in figures You should be familiar with these measurement units for plant lamps This page gives an overview of the most important measurement units that are used in connection with light for

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