Custom LED & Automation

Our DIY product line for high demands. Lighting, control and sensor technology from one source. Configure perfectly matched indoor mounting environments now!

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CresControl - controlled environmental conditions anytime, anywhere

CresControl is a worldwide unique platform for controlling lighting, climate and nutrients. Makes DIY plant lamps smart in a few simple steps and allows infinite control through open hardware interfaces.
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FLUXshield Silver LED Board Top View


The FLUXshield is a large area passively cooled LED board. The easiest way to enter the world of individual LED plant lighting!
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FLUXengine - efficient photon flow

FLUXengine lays the foundation for efficient full spectrum plant lighting. With its balanced 3500K light spectrum, the LED module is an ideal all-rounder for use in the growth, flowering and fruit phase.
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APEXengine - perfect spectra for perfect plants

Plants benefit from certain light spectra that influence yield, growth form and ingredients. APEXengine enables the targeted use of these wavelengths for optimized cultivation results.
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All custom LED modules at a glance

Eigenschaft FLUXshield FLUXengine FLUXstrip APEXengine APEXstrip
As main lighting
suitable (full spectrum)
Simple structure


For advanced students

For experts


For advanced students
Typical output
per module
100 W / 240 W
40 W
30 W
5 - 15 W
5 - 15 W
efficiency in
typical operation
Product dependent
Product dependent
320 x 320 mm / 480 x 480 mm
240 x 40 mm
480 x 20 mm
120 x 40 mm (L)
60 x 40 mm (M)
480 x 20 mm

Professional Horticulture Solutions

Our solutions for professional use. Our Professional product line offers customized hardware based on our self-developed platform. The Professional program offers maximum scalability and future-proofing.



Our deneb platform is currently under development with scalable, flexible and highly efficient plant lighting in mind.

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further solutions will follow...

Target group

Products 9

Universities and research institutes

Our modular platform shows its strengths in frequently changing test setups. Rely on professional phytotechnology from our Professional Program for economical and efficient simulation of environmental parameters.

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Professional horticulture

Long-term ROI can be realized through consistent, high-quality products. Take advantage of our Professional Program to precisely control your yields and the quality of plant products.

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You would like to raise your hobby application professionally? Our Professional Program is also available to you to implement demanding projects.

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