Set of 10 FLUXengine LED Modules


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Ten FLUXengines, only LED modules with mounting kit.

Ten FLUXengines will make flowering plants happy. We recommend ten FLUXengines for tents up to 4’x4′. 1400 latest generation Samsung LM301B LEDs for maximum photon flux!

Key Features

  • Efficacy or value determined by yourself – just apply the regarding drive current. Up to 60 W per module, more than 3.0 ยตmol/J @600mA
  • Ideal dimensions for DIY projects, designed in accordance to standard tent and furniture sizes
  • Optimized for mounting on t-slot profiles and standard heat sinks
  • Easy wiring with wago push wire connector on board
  • Simple thermal management
  • Best quality, massive Aluminium PCB

FLUXengine allows flexible horticulture applications featuring up to 60 Watts per Module. Its 9.45″ lenght makes it fit perfectly into cupboards, cabinets and tents.

Wiring is simple: just poke in massive copper wire. No crimping needed.

Massive 120 mil thick Aluminum PCB enables reliable heat conduction. PCB design is optimized for direct mounting on standard t-slot profiles and heat sinks.


FLUXengine Data Sheet v1.0

Thermal Management

Wiring Examples

Constant current drivers

Additional information

Mounting Kit

M2, M3, M4


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