FYTO Hanger Solid Pro (2 pieces)

The FYTO Hanger Solid Pro is a high-quality lamp suspension made of steel cables. Easy height adjustable for flexible suspension of plant lamps and heavy equipment.

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FYTO Hanger Solid Pro - lamp suspension

One end is equipped with a carabiner and the snap-in mechanism, while the other ends with a loop.

If you want to hang plant lamps in style, you should consider these high quality cable pulls. Even in comparison to the fine adjustment, the alternative made of nylon cannot hold a candle to them. For beam-shaped plant lamps one set is sufficient, for cuboid arrangements two sets are recommended for reasons of balance.

product features:

  • high quality metal lamp suspension
  • Weight 32g (per hanger)
  • High quality processing of steel, stainless steel and brass
  • Length 160 cm
  • Maximum load 50 kg (per hanger)
  • breaking load approx. 80 kg
  • fixed loop
  • suitable for all DIY kits and most common plant lamps