FLUXstrip Bundle 300W

The FLUXstrip LED modules with Samsung LM301 LEDs allow the construction of individual grow lamps. With its full spectrum LEDs, this grow LED set is suitable as main lighting for intensive production in the flowering and fruiting phase on up to 1 m². For vegetative growth, it can illuminate up to 2 m².

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Scope of delivery of the FLUXstrip Bundle 300W

  • 10x FLUXstrip or 9x FLUXstrip Enhanced
  • MEAN WELL ELGC-300-L-AB or ELGC-300-M-AB
  • 1 x IP68 cable connector
  • 1 x mains lead Schuko (1.5m)
  • 2 x Wago 221-412 incl. bracket (ELGC-300-M-AB: Wago 221-413)
  • 4 m single core (red/black)

Wiring in series (ELGC-300-L-AB) or 5S2P (ELGC-300-M-AB)

LED module Type

Linear / Strip

Spectrum / Colour temperature

3500K, 5000K, cSpec Enhanced, One