FLUXengine x4 Kit (2’x2′)

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Delivery time: January 2020



FLUXengine x4 Kit

The FLUXengine x4 Kit is our popular LED Board including everything you need for hassle-free building and operation. Your plants will love it (especially those light-hungry short day plants)! Up to 170 Watts of pure LED power making it perfect for full cycle grows. This is how the light distributes an average 1000 µmol/m²s PPFD over a canopy of 60×60 cm or 2′ x 2′. Needless to say that it easily outperforms any 250 W HID lighting.

This kit contains all the parts needed to build and operate a rig of FLUXengines as seen in the picture. The only tools needed are a knife and a hex wrench.

Please note that only properly qualified personnel should carry out the installation. We offer an Plug & Play Option for the FLUXengine x4 Kit on request (shipping only within Europe).


  • 4 x FLUXengine + fasteners
  • MEAN WELL ELG-200-C2100B LED driver and external potentiometer
  • Euro-Plug with cable
  • 2 x 2 m single core wire (red & black)
  • Wago connectors
  • 2 x aluminium t-slot extrusion 40 x 40 x 300 mm
  • 2 x aluminium t-slot extrusion 40 x 40 x 380 mm
  • angle pieces
  • cover caps
  • grommets for light hangers


FLUXengine Data Sheet v1.0

Thermal Management

Wiring Examples

Constant current drivers


Please note: As our storage capacity is limited, we can only keep a certain amount of aluminium frames in stock. Thus in rare cases it might take a little longer to ship the aluminium extrusions. If you are in a hurry, please confirm delivery periods with us (Whatsapp & Telegram Chat —->).


Additional information


externer Potentiometer 10-100%, interner Potentiometer 50-100%


do not include hangers, mit FYTO Hanger Solid Pro


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