FLUXengine v2 LED Module

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FLUXengine v2 LED Modul powered by Samsung LM301H

The FLUXengine v2 is the successor of our popular FLUXengine Horticulture LED. Thanks to its high efficiency and performance, the FLUXengine v2 is the ideal solution for self-built grow lighting. With the LM301H we introduce a new chip, the board with many improvements in detail, but still with the proven concept: to radically simplify individualized LED plant lighting and to inspire the DIY LED community!

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New Features

Compared to its predecessor, the FLUXengine v2 has been improved in all respects. The LED chips are again from Samsung, this time in the new version LM301H, which was specially developed for horticultural applications. We were also able to raise the power limit thanks to new plugs. The use of the full potential, however, requires correct driver settings and an optimized cooling solution.

Next Generation LED – Samsung LM301H

The backbone of the FLUXengine v2 is the new Samsung LM301H LED chip. The latest generation has been specially optimized for horticulture and offers greater resistance to moisture. The spectrum at 3500K is identical to the LM301B, but some detail improvements have been implemented with nominally higher efficiencies (+6%). We only use chips with the highest brightness binning (SL Bin), which in turn emit + 5 % more light than an average unsorted LM301H.

New PCB design – intuitive series wiring and improved cable routing

The FLUXengine v2 circuit board has been adapted to accommodate connectors at both ends. Also new is the possibility of a strain relief in the board. The LED Module still gets its noble look from its golden finish. The distribution of the plus and minus poles at the opposite ends of the board makes wiring much more intuitive. In many cases this also benefits the cable logistics for the series connection recommended by us.

Improved connectors

The new connectors are designed for higher current loads and simplify the insertion and removal of conductors. Actuation of the spring terminal no longer requires a special tool. With the new terminal, fine stranded conductors can now also be used. The FLUXengine v2 can now be operated with 80 W at 4 A as the absolute maximum rating. For higher efficiency and better longevity of the LED chips, however, we recommend a drive current between 2 – 3 A.




FLUXengine v2 Data Sheet 1.0

Thermal Management

Wiring Examples

Constant current drivers




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