Mounting set for LED modules

This mounting set is suitable for mounting our FLUX and APEXstrips on grooved profiles. The material can of course also be used for mounting other elements.

Available as a set for one strip (five sliding blocks and five screws) or for 20 strips (100 sliding blocks and 100 screws).

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Mounting LED modules on grooved profiles

  • If possible, insert the sliding blocks before the frame is built up.
  • Later on, it is also possible to swing it in - but it is easier to push it in!
  • Push the groove stones into position
  • Put on LED module
  • Screw in the screws slightly, then tighten them (work through from one side to the other or proceed eccentrically).

Screwing LED modules together is easy and allows for uncomplicated maintenance, conversion and upgrades.
No heat conductive material required! However, thermal paste can improve heat transfer if desired.

Key data of the material

  • Groove stone M4 for 5 mm groove, galvanised (I-profile 2020 compatible)
  • Oval head screw M4 x 8 mm, material: A2 stainless steel, drive: 2.5 mm hexagon socket (ISO 7380)

Optionally also available as 100 + 100 pcs

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