Mean Well XLG-150-H-AB

The Mean Well XLG-150-H-AB enters more ambitious performance regions. It shines with its great price-performance ratio and brings useful features like IP67 certification and the input for external dimmers and controllers. Its constant power of 150 W is ideal for powering two FLUXengines in a row or two FLUXshield Silver to operate in parallel. The internal potentiometer or an external dimming signal makes this powerhouse easy to tame.

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Application XLG-150-H LED Driver

With the high output current, XLG-150-H are ideal for parallel circuits with 27-56 V, as found on most LED boards ("Quantum Board", FLUXshield, etc.). The H-series are SELV (safety extra-low voltage) power supplies, which provides extra safety on the DC side. Thanks to an input voltage range of 100-305, the drivers can be used worldwide. With IP67 protection, the power supplies are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

XLG-150-H-AB - Constant Power LED Driver

The Mean Well XLG series is characterised by its constant power principle (Constant Power LED Driver), which enables high reliability and a wide range of applications. They are versatile because the output current is variable. Within the voltage range (Constant Current Region), XLG drivers can drive the current (Full Power Current Range) to achieve their specified output.

Features and quality of the Mean Well XLG-150

The AB versions offered by us have an internal potentiometer for adjusting the output current, as well as a control / dimming input that allows regulation by means of 0-10V, PWM or resistor (e.g. Potentiometer) enables.

With its high-quality metal housing, the LED driver can be used up to 90°C housing temperature, whereby no additional cooling is necessary. The ambient temperature may be between -30 and + 55 °C.

The life expectancy is specified at 100,000 hours up to 65 °C enclosure temperature. The power supply units have a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

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