FLUXshield Silver 100 W Kit

The FLUXshield 300 is the successor of the FLUXshield Silver 100W kit. Click here for the product.

Our highly efficient Grow LED Board with 100W at an attractive price. We only use selected Samsung LM301H (Evo) and Osram Oslon Square 660 nm LEDs to achieve this outstanding efficiency. Cooling is purely passive via the large surface area of the board and the slots, which contribute to improved convection.

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FLUXshield Silver 100 W Kit

Our goal with the FLUXshield Silver was to bring a powerful grow LED board for beginners and price-conscious customers to the start, without sacrificing high-quality components. And here it is - as a kit with 110 W power consumption, beautiful, quickly assembled.... and above all unbeatable in price-performance!
The passive cooling over the large surface of the board is very lush. The slots in the board provide additional cooling and ensure that no heat accumulates under the board. Thus, the LEDs run efficiently and reliably at only 18°K above ambient temperature.

Two spectra to choose from


FLUXshield Silver Spectrum 3500K + 660 nm
3500K + RED

3500K + RED is a proven spectrum for the entire growing cycle that tends to show its strengths in the flowering phase. The B:G:R ratio of 12:36:52 is rather red-heavy, which can lead to increased height growth.


FLUXshield Silver cSpec Enhanced Spectrum
cSpec Enhanced Spectrum

Our newly developed cSpec Enhanced spectrum features characteristic peaks at 435, 450 and 660 nm. The B:G:R ratio is extremely balanced at 15:40:45 to allow better absorption and control of photomorphogenesis.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x FLUXshield Silver Grow LED Board
  • 1 x MEAN WELL XLG-100-H-AB
  • 1 x Schuko plug with supply cable
  • 1 x cable connector IP67
  • 4 x screws and spacers for driver mounting
  • 1 x Set of 2 Grow LED Hanger
  • Dimmer (potentiometer 100 kOhm)


FLUXshield Kit Assembly Instructions
FLUXshield Silver Datasheet

PAR-Map 60×60 cm

100 W Kit (Classic 3500K + RED) , 30 cm distance
Average PPFD 647 µmol/m²/s

FLUXshield Silver 100 W Kit 6

Further measurement data in the Crescience PAR database.




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