FLUXshield Gold 240 W Kit

The FLUXshield Gold has been discontinued. Our new improved solution for medium cultivation areas (80×80 - 100×100 cm) is the Wingman 600L.

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Simply everything you need as a plant lover. The FLUXshield Gold498 LEDs on a gigantic board, power supply, connection and mounting material. On this board, Samsung LM301B/H in 4000K colour temperature are installed to achieve a balance with the
Osram Square Gen4 red component, as well as the highly efficient Osconiq far-red LEDs.

FLUXshield Gold 240 W Kit

The FLUXshield Gold is designed for operation with 240 W and can therefore perfectly illuminate areas from 80 x 80 cm. This grow LED panel is with 48 x 48 cm one of the largest LED boards made from one piece. The board is extremely well passively cooled by the convection slots and the large surface and heats up at full load only 20 ° C above room temperature.

Scope of delivery

Our 240W kit includes all the necessary components to install a high efficiency plant lamp with the FLUXshield Gold.

  • 1 x FLUXshield Gold
  • 1 x MEAN WELL XLG-240-H-AB
  • 1 x Schuko plug with supply cable
  • 1 x cable connector IP67
  • 4 x screws and spacers for driver mounting
  • 4 x Grow LED Hanger
  • (Optional) Dimmer (Potentiometer 100 kOhm)


FLUXshield Kit Assembly Instructions
FLUXshield Gold Datasheet

PAR map 80×80 cm

FLUXshield Gold 240W Kit, 30 cm distance
Average PPFD 827 µmol/m²/s

Further measurement data in the Crescience PAR database.FLUXshield Gold 240 W Kit 3



















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