FLUXengine Evo

The FLUXengine Evo is an LED module specially designed for highly efficient plant lighting. The board features the most efficient full spectrum LED chips in the world - Samsung LM301H, the successor of the popular LM301B. The design is optimised for simple plant lamp construction and features a sophisticated finish.

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FLUXengine Evo LED Module

  • 140 pcs. SAMSUNG LM301H LEDs
  • Colour temperature 3500K (SL), 5000K (SL) and One
  • plugable connector (WAGO 2060)
  • 3 mm Aluminum PCB
  • efficiency over 3 µmol/J is possible
  • max. 80 Watts
  • max. 4 A
  • 240 x 40 x 7,5 mm (L x W x H)
  • recommended for use with constant current sources (LED Drivers)

Samsung LM301H Horticulture LED Chip

The Samsung LM301H is a popular LED package for full spectrum plant lighting. Thanks to its outstanding efficiency of over 3 µmol/J or 220 lm/W, it is the LED of choice for indoor gardeners who want to reduce their power consumption. We offer here the light spectrum with 3500K color temperature, which is suitable for all phases from growing to flowering and fruiting.

Mounting and cooling of the LED module

The LED Board is suitable for easy mounting on standard grooved profiles (e.g. Item Profiles 40×40 with 8 mm groove). This enables cost-effective and flexible designs because the aluminium profiles are used directly as heat sinks.


FLUXengine Evo 3



FLUXengine Evo Datasheet

Heat management study

Wiring instructions

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