CresControl - 24W Kit

A Smart Grow Controller the way you want it. CresControl is equipped with various outputs to control multiple ecosystems and channels - open interfaces. It comes with our app, which allows you to easily implement individual indoor garden projects: from multi-channel LED grow lights and irrigation to climate and CO2 control. CresControl puts you in control, so you can focus on godmode can switch.



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CresControl makes indoor gardens smart

For precise control and regulation of the indoor grow environment via Crescience Hub ( or via API in conjunction with hobbyist computers such as the Raspberry Pi.
Control CresControl with Crescience Hub

The Crescience Hub App is also available for Android, Windows and Linux available.

Grow Controller with 24W power supply

With the 24W power supply unit, the Grow Controller has a sufficient power budget to supply analogue signals for lamps and fan control as well as, to a limited extent, 12- and 24V devices. Please note the power budgets of the components.

CresControl is designed for the following areas, but the possible applications are limitless:


  • Multi Channel LED (up to 6 channels)
  • Fans (exhaust air, supply air, case fans)
  • Irrigation with solenoid valves and pumps
  • Dosing pumps

regulation (with sensAct extension):

  • Climate (temperature, RH)
  • CO2
  • more sensActs will follow.

Technical specifications

Network: Wifi b/g/n, 433 MHz radio
Power supply: 24V hollow plug, max. 5A
Connectors: 5x sensAct device ports, 4-pin fan port
Inputs: 2x Analog In
Outputs: 6x analogue out (2x PWM-capable), 2x 24V power supply (switchable), 12V current output (switchable, PWM)

Scope of delivery

CresControl, 24W plug-in power supply, mounting bracket



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