SENSEclimate - CresControl Extension

ClimateSENSE turns your CresControl into a climate controller. This gives you insight and control over temperature and humidity in the grow room.

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The small housing contains a high-precision climate sensor that always keeps an eye on the current temperatures and humidity values. So quickly, the CresControl becomes a climate controller for indoor growing.

If compatible actuators are connected to CresControl, the parameters can be controlled. Such actuators are for example: EC fans with PWM or analogue control input, humidifiers (24V DC directly at the CresControl; 230V AC via radio-controlled socket), etc.

Caution: Always disconnect the power supply to the controller before connecting devices and SENSE/ACT extensions.

Range of application

-40 °C to +80 °C
0 % to 99 % rH (non-condensing)


± 0.2 °C (-40-90 °C)
± 2 % rH (0-80 °C, 0-90 % rH)


32 x 13 x 32|39 mm (without|with flange)

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