APEXstrip Bundle 660 nm

Want a 660 nm boost? Hyper Red or also called Deep Red is the wavelength at which LEDs most efficiently convert energy into photons. Ideal for very light-loving plants! Here are the best APEXstrip 660 setups that we can recommend without reservation.

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APEXstrip 660 nm Booster Bundle Scope of delivery

The APEXstrip bundles enable quick and easy configuration of a reliable LED system. These kits contain the electronic components:

  • LED Modules (number depending on the selected service)
  • Driver (type depending on the selected power)
  • Accessories for the electrical installation

With these pre-configured bundles you take no risk, as these setups are tried and tested and have proven themselves in daily use with our customers.

APEXstrip Bundle 660 nm - 16W

APEXstrip Bundle 660 nm - 25W

APEXstrip Bundle 660 nm - 50W

APEXstrip Bundle 660 nm - 75W

APEXstrip Bundle 660 nm - 100W

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