FLUXengine v2 - with the new LM301H LEDs

The FLUXengine has revolutionized the way of building custom plant lighting. The simple assembly and modular construction make it easy to create your own designs. With the second generation we are taking it one step further.

FLUXengine gets an update

The successor of our successful FLUXengine Horticulture LED is coming: FLUXengine v2 with Samsung LM301H chips is here! Thanks to its high efficiency and performance, FLUXengine v2 is the ideal solution for customized plant lighting. With the LM301H a new LED package has arrived. The board has many improvements in detail, but still with the proven concept: to radically simplify customized LED plant lighting and inspire the DIY LED community!

FLUXengine v2 - with the new LM301H LEDs 1
FLUXengine v2 featuring Samsung LM301H LEDs

What´s new with the FLUXengine v2?

We have improved the FLUXengine v2 in all aspects compared to its predecessor. The LED chips are again from Samsung, this time in the new version LM301H, which is specially designed for horticultural applications. In addition, we were able to increase the power limit thanks to new connectors. However, using the full potential requires correct driver settings and an optimized cooling solution.

Next gen LED package - Samsung LM301H

The FLUXengine's backbone is the new Samsung LM301H LED Chip. The new generation is specifically optimised for horticulture and offers greater resistance to chemicals and moisture. The spectrum at 3500K is identical to the LM301B. However, thanks to some detail improvements, Samsung nominally indicates higher efficiency levels (+6%). We only use chips of the highest brightness sorting (SL Bin), which in turn emit another +5% more light than an average unsorted LM301H.

New PCB Design - Intuitive Series Wiring and Improved Cable Management

We have adapted the circuit board of the FLUXengine v2 to accept connectors at both ends. The FLUXengine still gets its noble look from its golden finish. By distributing the plus and minus pole to the opposite ends of the board, wiring becomes much more intuitive. In many cases, this also benefits the cable logistics with the series wiring recommended by us.

Improved Connectors

The new connectors from the WAGO 2060 Series are designed for higher current loads and make it easier to plug and unplug conductors. Actuation of the spring clamp terminal block no longer requires a special tool. With the new terminal block, fine-stranded conductors can now also be used. As an absolute maximum, the operation of a FLUXengine with up to 80 W at 4 A is permitted. However, for higher efficiency and better longevity of the LED chips, we recommend a current of 2 - 3 A.

FLUXengine v2 - with the new LM301H LEDs 2

Quality and Responsibility

The supply chain is our guarantee for a high-quality and reliable product. Therefore we maintain that all components are sourced by ourselves and manufactured by our partner in Europe. So we can proudly confirm that the FLUXengine with the CE mark complies with all European standards and directives. We also stand for responsible business practices: As a registered manufacturer of electrical appliances we guarantee the environmentally friendly handling and recycling of old appliances.


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