Build your own horticulture lighting fixture.

The new FLUXengine v2 LED module is here! This Board features Samsung LM301H LEDs in a package for hassle-free customization. For makers demanding scalability, highest efficacy and aesthetics.

FLUXengine Features

Samsung LM301H

80 W
Max. Power

per module

50 %
Energy Savings

compared to average HID lighting

3500K Full Spectrum – Full Cycle Growing with Amazing Yields.

A perfect balance of red and blue spectra for compact growth and productive flower and fruit development.

3500K is also labelled as neutral white. The advantage of this color temperature is that it is usable for plants throughout the whole cultivation cycle. This makes the FLUXengine spectrum perfect for seedling, growth, flower and fruiting stages.

LED Grow Light Kits

Build an individual grow light with just a few tools - without making an efford! Our FLUXengine DIY kits offer the best value on the market.

FLUXengine Kits can efficiently light all common grow spaces. These Kits are designed as care-free package, requiring only an allen key and a wire cutter. The built is done in 30 – 90 minutes, depending on size..

Our FLUXengine boards are assembled in the EU, so that we can ensure first class quality and confirm that only top bin Samsung LED Chips are used.

Development and quality control are located in Germany. We get our hands on the products ourselves to ensure that all shipments meet our customers expectations.

FLUXengine Offers Endless Possibilities.

We have optimized the FLUXengine to be mounted on T-slot profiles enabling countless possible setups and variations. Additionally, that covers all the heat dissipation issues, too. Why not think out of the box?

360 ° Interlighting

Increase intra-canopy photosynthesis. Four FLUXengiens combined as interlighting bar offering a 360° beam angle that until now has only been possible with HID lighting.



When superior intensity is the target, you can pack FLUXengines tightly together.


Easy to cover large areas – your FLUXengine LED Bar can be as long as aluminum extrusion gets.

The Ideal Intensity is Only Three Clicks Away

Configure the perfect setup for your needs. Just enter your numbers using the FLUXengine LED calculator! No matter if it´s a small herb garden or large indoor plantation - FLUXengines are meant to be combined in order to acheive the best spread of light in each application.

Configure your FLUXengine setup now!

Our shop offers various packages and kits. For upgrades and other needs you will find all the spare parts, too!

We support you from plan to execution.

No matter if you choose one of the FLUXengine Kits or you want to build your own system, you can rely on our detailled documentation and ressources. In case you need help, just give us a shout! You can reach us in messengers, e-mail and phone.