The Generous Four Reference Design

New FLUXshield Grow LED Boards of the 2nd Generation

The FLUXshield series represents a milestone in the development of horticulture LED boards. An innovative cooling concept paired with the most efficient LEDs for horticulture are the highlights of these grow LEDs. Here we present the boards.

LM301H Evo - new Horticulture LEDs

With its new LM301H Evo Samsung continues what it has started with LM301B and LM301H mid-power LEDs which are the dominating in the market for high efficiency grow lights. Now a new chapter follows with the LM301H Evo, which allows us to develop some great new solutions for grow lighting.

Creating Smart LED Grow Lights

It is surprising that in the 21st century most grow lights are still controlled by mechanical timers. But now there is a solution. Here you can find out how to make Grow LEDs smart.

Black November

We have prepared ourselves for the discount battle this year. A special offer every week! High-quality LED modules and more, extremely cheap!

Replace NDL with LED

Replace HPS with LED - Economical plant lighting

For decades, sodium vapour lamps were considered the ideal light source in horticulture. But in recent years a new technology has established itself - the light-emitting diode. In this article we explain why you should now replace NDL with LED.

Distance from plant lamps

Grow Lights Distance to Canopy

Many customers are unsure how high a Grow LED should hang above the plants. Instead of presenting you with a simple centimeter specification, we take a closer look at this topic. But don't worry - concrete advice is of course also available.

Grow LED Panel Release: FLUXshield Pro 150 Watt

Just in time for the cold season, when gardening has to be moved indoors, Crescience releases a new LED product, the FLUXshield. The large-area board, which does not require an additional heat sink, is particularly beginner-friendly and can be wired easily.

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