Get a Spectrum Boost. Easy.

It has never been easier to enrich lighting precisely with the decisive wavelengths. With the new APEXengine you get the best out of your plants.

APEXengine 1

LEDs with the ideal spectrum for plants

The LED spectrum for plants is a complex, only partially researched topic. Some wavelengths have already proven to be particularly useful for cultivating plants indoors. Certain wavelengths in the light spectrum give the plant "control signals" that promote beneficial development. Therefore, depending on the cultivar and yield target, the light of the relevant wavelengths should be increased to ensure the desired quality and quantity of yield.

Therefore we recommend to optimize the following wavelengths in addition to white full spectrum LEDs:
0 nm
Maximize Yields
0 nm
Flower and Regeneration
0 nm
Compact Growth
0 nm
Secondary Metabolites

Spectrum optimization for COBs, Stripes and FLUXengine LEDs

APEXengine Booster Modules work perfectly as an addition to our FLUXengine full spectrum module or to any standard LED full spectrum module like quantumboards, stripes, COBs. The easy mounting options leave you free to choose the heat sink. Of course, standard groove profiles are also provided as heat sinks.

APEXengine 6

APEXengine for compact growth efficient photosynthesis more profit more taste more intense ingredients

Our Custom LED Portfolio

APEXengine 450 Mk II

For Better Veg and Taste
  • Oslon Square Batwing
  • 450 nm
  • Vegetative Stage

APEXengine 660 Mk II

Flower Boost
  • Oslon Square
  • 4.3 µmol/J
  • For Flowering

APEXengine 730 Mk II

Perfect Regeneration
  • Osram Osconiq
  • up to 8 Watts
  • For Flowering

FLUXengine Evo

Efficient Full Spectrum
  • Samsung LM301H
  • Top Bin (SL)
  • Fully cycle

APEXengine 385

For Taste and Content
  • Luminus SST10
  • energy-rich UVA
  • experienced growers

We have everything to grow happy plants.

Our Custom Series product range covers everything from thought-through DIY kit to single modules. Perfect full spectrum light with FLUXengine and defined spectrum peaks with APEXengine. You choose!

Samsung LM301H and OSRAM Square Boards

Resources for DIY LEDs

Thermal management
Wiring examples

APEXengine 7
Heat sink Test Grow LED
DIY LED aluminium frame

We Support You Planning and Building Your LED Fixture

Grow lighting is a complex subject! How much light do I need for my area? Which spectrum is good for my plants? We will be happy to clarify these and other individual questions personally. We advise you seriously and without obligation.

Reading Material

If you prefer to read through everything in peace and quiet, take a look at our plant lighting information portal! We have extracted the essence from various renowned sources - and prepared it in an easily digestible way. Bon appetite 🙂

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