We Are a Grow Technology Start-Up

Makeing the dream of absolute control come real

After successful efforts to make plants thrive indoors as well as they do outdoors in nature, we have set ourselves a new goal: we can do even better! With perfect control, production cycles can be shorter, yields higher and quality better.

Our Philosophy

Energy Saving

It's that simple: Buying grow lights you can save once . With our highly efficient LED lighting systems you save a whole LED-lifetime, which is more than 10 yearsat normal use! With Crescience your investment will prosper.


Our products are optimized for maximum scalability. The modular Design enables you to respond to your actual needs at any time. Extensions, upgrades and rebuilds are seamless and easy.

Smart and Connected

Nowadays a must: our products rely on smart features and connectivity in order to ensure the most convenient user experience. Access to multiple environment factors enables AI supported optimization.

Our Vision

What drives us is the vision to create a platform for the perfect indoor garden. Together with you gardeners, we want to create a community that supports each other and puts the latest findings in plant research into practice.


With our software you can access your ecosystems from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, good hardware does not come for free. We want that every beginner can work with our technology. That's why we rely on a modular basis with flexible extensions for sophisticated requirements.

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